Whether you desire to Build, Manage and Grow your Wealth or just to Preserve and Protect your Wealth, our investment capabilities are well equipped to construct an optimal personalised investment solution for you spanning across all relevant asset classes. Our expertise in asset allocation, our process driven approach our high attention to detail, and our objective-driven management approach work in tandem to arrive at tailored investment solutions that work to meet your financial needs and aspirations. You will benefit from customised tailored investment solutions and receive inputs that meet your investment objectives and risk profile.

Our investment approach has a singular goal - your satisfaction. And to achieve this result, we endeavour to construct your portfolio around your very own objectives and needs. To arrive at this result, we begin by working to intimately understand your financial needs and goals coupled with your willingness to take on different levels of risk. We then take an actively involved and accountable management process - to deliver portfolio returns while mitigating controllable risks across all economic cycles. To meet this objective, we draw upon our core strengths in investment fundamentals and discipline, portfolio diversification and balance across asset classes, and dynamic asset allocation to arrive at maximising your after-tax total portfolio returns.

And throughout our relationship, we continually stay in touch with you to keep gaining insights and understanding of your evolving/changing circumstances, needs, and objectives as well as adapting to changing market opportunities and dynamics. We believe that this engaged process ensures that our actions on your behalf stay in complete alignment with your needs and objectives and are ably supported by our best-in-class thinking and discipline.

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We believe that your retirement planning and goals should receive customised and personalised services that take into account all your emerging and anticipated needs as well as your current and post retirement lifestyle. Above all it should be prudent, tax efficient, and cost effective. Our aim is to help clients approach retirement with a sense of calmness and confidence, and our advisories and recommendations are vetted and presented based on data and facts, not mere emotions or opinions. We also work with you at each step along the way to help ensure that you stay the course, and not be caught in the vagaries of market volatility.

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Being the beneficiary of an inheritance is often a time when emotions run high. And in some cases, it even creates financial and managerial stress. It is essential therefore that one takes the time to make decisions on how to use the inheritance wisely.

While all of us can imagine many things that we could do with an inheritance, it actually creates a plethora of situations that need to be assessed and handled with professional assistance. For example an inheritance can come in many forms: it could be proceeds from a life insurance, it could be being a beneficiary to accounts such as investment assets, bank accounts, retirement accounts etc. There are innumerable instances where the euphoria on sudden acquisition of wealth is followed by confusions and lack of knowledge on how to manage the same. Our professional advisors can help you to effectively manage your inheritance so that it is wisely used for the aspirations that you nurture for the same.

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Whether you are looking for financing options to fund a major purchase, pursue your entrepreneurial aspirations by investing in a new business, looking for creative ways to refinance your debt, or simply find a financing provider that meets your needs, we can Help!

Our financing team is equipped to arrange customised credit and financing solutions built around your short-term or longer-term objectives. We understand that your time is precious, and we can work with you to get rid of the hurdles and obstacles in your path, by arranging the finance you need in a time-saving and efficient manner.

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As part of an active advisory mandate, our investment advisory team studies and analyses global and financial markets. They identify and analyse opportunities and risks, and present it to you with investment recommendations. You are then able to make rapid and informed investment and trading decisions.

This service is ideal for our clients who would like a proactive advisory service that keeps them up to date on investment opportunities and trading ideas and who also want to work closely with our investment experts.

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Irrespective of your wealth situation, estate planning need to be a vital part of your overall financial plan. Planning ahead is necessary to ensure greater control, enhance privacy, and to transmit more of your legacy to your heirs and loved ones. Whether it is crafting a will, a trust, or gift, it is important that we identify appropriate structures so that the process is seamless, smooth and takes into account the unique nature of the estate as well as the composition of its beneficiaries. In short, a thorough assessment has to be done of who gets what and when.

Our Estate Planning team can help you prepare and plan for the transfer of your assets upon your death to your heirs as well as minimise the tax obligations in the process. These kinds of arrangements can make matters much easier for your family in the event of a demise and death.

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Strategic philanthropy is increasingly sought after by individuals and families who wish to make an enduring impact on the community and future generations. Our team can assist you put your wealth to work in the most beneficial manner in support of a charity or a cause that merits your interest. Our experts will collaborate with you, your immediate family or your other advisors to identify, focus, and evaluate among the many solutions available to you. We can then develop and implement a tailored long-term planned giving strategy that meets your desires and goals.

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Liquidity Management Solutions helps to make sure your funds are there when you need them while putting excess funds to work earning a return. The objective is to provide a competitive investment return that is consistent with the security of capital and a high degree of liquidity and tax efficiency. Moving, managing and investing funds when and where you need to is critical to your treasury operation. Our ongoing commitment to advances in technology, combined with our industry experience, provides you with solutions designed to help you in attaining the goals.

  • Companies holding funds in current accounts.
  • HNI’s and individuals parking funds in Savings accounts and Short Term Fixed Deposits.
  • Short Term excess funds, required at pre defined dates.
  • Additional Income at no extra risk.
  • Excellent Tax Benefits.
  • Easy Liquidity, Transparent and Convenient Operations.
  • Service of Dedicated Certified Financial Planners having wide experience in the industry.

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Hedge Wealth Management Services is a trusted advisory and wealth management solutions provider to individuals, families, and institutions. With our unwavering commitment to earning clients trust and nurturing long lasting relationships via an in-depth understanding of customer needs, we have made customer interests first in everything we do. We are forward looking in our views, innovative in our thinking, and committed to help clients thrive and communities prosper.