Long-term relationships founded on trust are at the heart of our investment advisory services.

When it comes to building a personal investment portfolio, each of us have specific goals that need to match with our willingness to take on risk , the time horizon for which we are willing to hold to the investment or even specific asset class preferences. Whatever your specific needs are, our team will work closely with you to first identify your needs and aspirations and then help develop a tailored investment strategy that works to meet your needs.

For example, your investment objective could be one of many – you may desire to preserve your wealth, or derive a steady income from it. Or you may wish to build and grow your wealth. At Hedge Wealth Management Services, we will work side by side with you to understand you and your goals, and then our Investment Advisory Team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your investment strategy meets your current and future financial needs and aspirations. Our distinctive structure emphasises the competencies and benefits of a shared collaborative team approach while working consistently to serve you better, leverage expertise and resources, and deliver wealth management solutions tailored to meet your needs.



Your relationship is personally led by a dedicated investment advisor who crafts a customised investment strategy tailored to your financial needs, the time frame of your investment objectives and matching your risk appetite. He or She works to build a partnership with you, and regularly reviews your goals and changing life circumstances to ensure your investment objectives stay on track. They ask the right questions to truly understand your needs, goals, and risk tolerance. This is followed by formulating an investment strategy that is tailored to your needs and comfort level.

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Each of our Investment Advisor/Manager is supported by a capable, experienced team of investment professionals who also work to fully understand your objectives and place your satisfaction at the very core of our relationship. This team works in close conjunction with the investment advisor, and any tax/legal advisors you engage with to ensure that your needs are met proactively in a timely, efficient and consistent manner.

Our implementation of your investment plan also makes sure that it is cost effective and tax efficient. Transparency and Trust is ensured by being direct, clear and comprehensive in all communications. You will receive regular reports on the performance of your portfolio, ongoing portfolio advice and investment ideas, and a proactive approach to making adjustments as your needs and requirements change with time.


Types of Risk Profiles

Each asset class offers returns that are commensurate with the underlying risk involved. High risk asset classes offer the possibility of higher returns but require the assumption of higher risk by the investor. It is therefore essential to know your ability and willingness to undertake financial risks aka your risk profile.

The first step in building your tailored wealth advisory is to assess your capacity to undertake financial risk. This requires a thorough understanding of your objectives, responsibilities, personality, time horizon for investment, and a variety of other variables. It also needs to factor and account for your age, lifestyle, habits, and life stage. Your response to risk is basically a reflection of your personality and as with any kind of analysis, it requires you to assess your risk appetite with honesty to make mature investment decisions.

Globally investments are bracketed into differing risk profiles ranging from Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive. Our wealth management experts work with you to help understand the level of risk that you are willing to undertake in your portfolio selection.


The assets that comprise your portfolio play differing roles in portfolio construction. A customised investment portfolio should therefore balance the need for returns from the investment with the risk profile of the investor. Portfolio construction should be done dynamically with the flexibility to adapt to both the investor profile and changes in risk appetite over time.

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