Hedge Wealth Management partners with individuals, families, and institutions or organisations to deliver client services that are professional and values objectivity, expertise and experience. We strive to help you find meaning and purpose in your wealth so that it accomplishes your goals and aspirations.


At Hedge Wealth Management, we realise and appreciate that there is no one-size-fits all approach when planning for your needs and financial goals. Therefore our advisories and recommendations evaluate each stage in our client’s life, and accounts for his evolving needs and goals over time – from building wealth, preserving  wealth, and plans for spending it as well. Our planning is customised to the distinct needs of each individual or family. It reflects your unique situations, values, resources and goals.

For example, we can collaborate with you to design investment strategies such as how to

  • Assess if your current and planned investments are appropriate to meet your goals and future needs.
  • Planning for your child’s education
  • Planning for your retirement
  • Goal based planning to retire with sufficient amount of assets
  • Determining the right amount and type of assets to leave as inheritance for your children and other family
  • Sharing wealth with multiple generations of your family
  • Minimising tax burdens
  • Creating trusts to protect your assets

We then work with each client to meet challenges or changes in your financial situation by setting goals and identifying the opportunities that help ensure success in each stage of life.

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The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. A wide variety of investment opportunities are now available to NRI’s across multiple asset classes. These span from investments in Direct Equities, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income, Real Estate, and much more. NRI’s also consider India to be an attractive investment option and are keen to participate in the Indian Growth story.

Our wealth management team works with NRI clientele to understand their unique needs and then provides customised and personalised investment solutions that meet their goals.

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Our Family Office Services team works closely to develop wealth and investment management strategies that meet the unique needs of our clients. We complement these services with strong execution capabilities and a deep attention to client service and satisfaction. Our services are backed with decades of experience yet backed with deep insights and a commitment to the needs and issues faced by today’s family offices and multi-family offices.

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At Hedge Wealth Management, we understand that women have needs and aspirations that could differ from men. We are also well aware that women harbour a growing desire to advocate for themselves in regard to their finances. Our goal is to engage women actively in the investment planning process by listening carefully to their needs and aspirations and then designing a tailored, personalised wealth management plan. We endeavour to provide the know how and the peace of mind necessary to help women make sound financial decisions and grow in life.

For example, our team works with women in workforce to explore different investment options available to them and also advise them on how to take the best advantage on  company benefits including exercising of their stock options or building a diversified investment portfolio across multiple asset classes. For women entrepreneurs, our planning tries integrating business and personal finance goals by considering cash flow needs, retirement plan options and succession planning.

Our unique planning for women also factors social and lifestyle disparities over one’s life possibly arising from wage disparity, time taken off from work to raise a family or care for  aged family members, etc. We also factor in a longer female life expectancy so that strategies for the future are in aligned to face whatever situation emerges in future.

Our investment advisory team is also sensitive to sudden life style transitions that women may face such as the loss of a loved one, or even a divorce. Working together, we help and assist clients make timely educated decisions that are consistent with their goals, needs, and values.

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Institutions that we serve range from family offices, partnership firms and listed companies. We make available a suite of investment opportunities and holistic solutions across all asset classes to our clients. Our team works with the client to first identify their unique needs and then select appropriate investment vehicles across the entire asset landscape – from cash and liquidity management solutions, fixed income investing, equities, as well as a range of alternative and structured products. We also create custom investment vehicles as and when needed by our clients.

Apart from our execution capabilities, several of our clients look to us to provide hedging and structuring solutions that help them manage volatility and operational risks. Our deep understanding of our clients needs and our expertise combine to provide pragmatic investment solutions that are cost efficient and market responsive.

Our Estate Planning and Planned Giving services are also used by institutions and business owners to explore various matters pertaining to wealth transfer such as tax issues, succession planning, business sales, etc. We have also advised companies on buying and selling businesses, raising capital, and managing risks which enables them to grow.

Our aim is to help our clients preserve and grow their assets and provide world-class execution excellence on all transactions thereby facilitating new paths to growth.

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Each relationship is managed by a senior manager and is ably supported by a dedicated team, ensuring a breadth of relevant expertise and attention to every client need leveraging shared capabilities across the entire company.
Disclaimer: The above information is only for educative purposes. It is not intended to be a solicitation of business in whatsoever manner. For permissible investments by NRI’s in Indian markets, appropriate legal advice and guidance should be obtained.